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Bamboo Giant Barrier - a superior solution

Many materials have been tried for bamboo containment. Concrete cracks, metal rusts most plastics age and crack, rubber is too soft. Polyethelene is the right material but must be thick enough to resist penetration but flexible enough to handle and install. The American Bamboo Society web site recommends barrier that "should be at least 0.040 inch thick". We have had customers bring us barrier that is .040 inch thick with a rhizome right through it. Bamboo Giant has formulated a custom barrier material that is .060 thick, 50% thicker than that recommended by the ABS. It is UV protected for long life and has a plasticizer added to make it easier to work with.
Rolls are 200 feet long and weigh 150 lbs.

Barrier (per foot) $3.99 per foot

Barrier Roll (200 feet) $599 per roll