Hedge FAQ

How does the Hedge special work?


The hedge special cost savings.

Potted Hedge -->

An above ground privacy hedge planted in pots.

Bamboo Book

This book gives details of many hedge installations and gives practical species selection tips.

Potted Hedge Special - $999 each

Complete installation with large bamboo in above-ground ceramic pots (27" wide) spaced every 3 or 4 feet with 6-month warranty. You pick the variety!

Frequently asked questions about the potted hedge special:

How many pots do I need?
Determine how long you want your privacy hedge to be and you have determined the linear feet. Divide the linear feet by the pot spacing to see how many you need. A 4 foot spacing should result in a high density with enough space between the pots for squeezing past. A three foot spacing will make a solid line of pots.

How much will my hedge cost?
Multiply the number of pots by $999 and you'll have the cost of the hedge, plus California sales tax and delivery if you are out of town. The hedge special is not available with a wholesale discount.

How wide is my hedge?
The pots are 27" wide. This gives you a thick dense hedge with a minimum of space used. The pots stand 31" tall on the optional feet so privacy begins at eye level.

What kind of care will my hedge need?
Very little care will be required once your bamboo is established. However, in those first years you must water often - at least several times a week in the summer. We would also recommend that our Bamboo Giant fertilizer and supplement be applied at least 4 times a year.

What species of bamboo can I have installed in my hedge?
Any species that we currently have available - we're more than happy to help you with your selection. You can even mix and match species within your hedge if you like. Very tall timber bamboo will need to be supported in high-wind areas or the pots could well blow over.

How many canes will be in each pot?
This depends on what species you select and how tall you want your plants.

What sized plants will I get in the hedge special?
It really depends on species. We have some common species already planted in pots which will be large full and bushy immediatly. Other species will have to be planted and will need a season to fill out. Typically we can fit the equivalent of two 25 gallon plants in each pot.

Is there a minimum order?
Yes and no, you may order one pot or many, but to get the free installation and warrenty you must buy at least three pots (about 10 - 12 feet of hedge). Orders of less than three pots can be picked up at the nursery or will have an addtional delivary charge.

What is the advantage of a potted hedge over an in-ground hedge?
The potted hedge fits a very specific set of needs. It is of great benifit when:

  • You do not have access to the soil such as on a concrete pad, around a pool or walkway.
  • Your soil is very saturated and drainage would be a problem.
  • You need to be able to move the plants. For example if you plan major construction in the next few years, the hedge can be moved out of the way and placed back as needed for privacy.
  • You rent and cannot plant bamboo, or plan to move soon and want to take your hedge with you.