(South American Mountain Bamboo)

Chusquea gigantea
also Chusquea aff. culeou

A mountain bamboo from Chile. A unique form well-suited to coastal California. Tall, arching culms with tight branch groups.

  • Height: 35
  • Diameter: 2
  • Minimum Temp: 0o F
  • Sun or Partial Shade

Unique Identification Features

  • Solid culm
  • One dominant branch per node
  • Very open clumper - necks up to 12 long
  • Persistant sheaths
  • Deep rhizome
  • Leaves measure 5 x .4 inches
  • Rare

Notice the neck on this new shoot is about 12" long. Without containment, this clump will expand by 2 feet in diameter each year.

A single large branch dominates the many branches from each node. New branches are added each year.

The sheath is persistant. The branches actually burst through the sheath.