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Our Bamboo Mix is specially formulated for optimum production:

  • No need to fertilize for up to 8 weeks!
  • Natural Amorphous Silicate from Australia is added for vigorous bamboo growth.

Uniform blending of ingredients provides air porosity and helps retain moisture.


How much to use:

25 Gallon Plant = 4 Bags
15 Gallon Plant = 2 Bags
5 Gallon Plant = 1 Bag
1 Gallon Plant = 1/2 Bag
3′ Wide Hedge = 1 Bag per linear foot

Instructions for use:

The plants you have purchased are usually ready for immediate planting unless you are instructed otherwise. If it’s very hot and dry when planting, shade the plants for a couple of weeks, and make sure they do not dry out. Don’t keep them waiting for more than a few hours after unwrapping. Unwrap carefully. Avoid breaking tender, new shoots. Clip off any branches or canes that start to dry out.

To plant, follow these instructions:

  • Dig a hole 6 inches deeper than the container and twice as wide. If your ground is wet and any water accumulates in the hole, fill it in and plant the bamboo above ground, building up the soil around the new plant with Bamboo Mix. Bamboo must not be planted in saturated soil!
  • Mix BG Bamboo Mix with the excavated dirt at a one-to-one ratio for the bottom of the hole. Use straight Bamboo Mix around the plant. Discard the excess dirt.
  • Carefully remove the bamboo plant from the container. Be careful with new emerging bamboo shoots. These are very tender.
  • Place the plant in the hole so that the soil levels match at the top. Backfill the hole and tamp the dirt/Bamboo Mix tightly between the root ball and the sides of the hole. Be sure to fill all voids!
  • Build a doughnut-shaped depression around the plant and water until deeply soaked.
  • It is important to make sure the bamboo does not dry out during the first summer after planting. The signs of drying out are apparent when the bamboo leaves roll up and become very narrow-looking. A 3-6” mulch of wood chips or bark is desirable.

Only available for local delivery or pick-up.

Bamboo Giant Soil - The Optimum Mix

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