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Moso  (Light green velvet culm, fine leaves, largest ultimate size)
Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens

Largest of the hardy timbers. Beautiful, giant, grey/blue/green canes can get over 6 inches wide, with contrasting small, feathery leaves and arching tops with terraced branch structure. Fresh moso shoots are a real delicacy in the Orient. Young shoots are covered with a fine, fuzzy covering that looks like velvet. This is a true giant. Can you imagine standing in a grove of giant moso that has canes the thickness of small telephone poles? One of the most beautiful and probably the most magnificent of the large timbers. Needs fertile soil, and a cooler climate. Common in Asia but rarely seen in the US.

Height Range: 60'
Typical Diameter: 6"
Exposure: partial-full sun
Minimum Temp: 0 deg F


1 Gallon