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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Deliveries - We deliver anywhere on the West Coast. Please call for a quote.

Shipping - We ship 1, 5, and 15-gallon plants, growing supplies, and rhizome barrier anywhere in the US.


Return & Exchange Policy

Plant Warranty - Plants picked up or delivered from BGN are guaranteed to be healthy when received. Bamboo Giant is not responsible for losses after planting. Bamboo installed by BGN is under warranty for twelve months after planting.

Installed Plant Warranty - This warranty is designed to provide protection to the buyer of the significant investment made in a bamboo hedge or planting. This warranty only applies to plants installed by BGN. Any plants covered by warranty specifically identify the warranty and term on the invoice. BGN makes no verbal or implied warranties beyond this statement.

Term: 12 months from date of installation. Ask us about our extended warranty.

Replacement Plants: Bamboo Giant will at their discretion, replace or refund the plant cost (as defined by our standard published prices) any plant that is dead at the end of the warranty term. As bamboo often drops its leaves and then re-leaves after planting this is not a covered event. Only a completely dead plant will be covered. Depending on the time of year, should BGN feel that a plant is not dead and will recover; BGN may wait and see, even if the warranty period ends. Should the plant end up dead, BGN will honor the warranty even if the warranty period has expired. There is no warranty offered on replacement plants unless the extended warranty has been purchased. In the unlikely case of bamboo going to seed, when it has completely died, if under the extended warranty, BGN will replant the hedge at 50% of the plant costs, as nobody can predict when this unlikely event might occur. BGN will also repair, replace or refund at our discretion any barrier that fails during the 12-month warranty.

Exceptions: Any plant that has died resulting from lack of water, flooding, pests or abuse will not be warranted. Species selection contrary to BGN recommendations will also void the warranty if noted on the invoice. Complete warranty terms available upon request.

Specific Rhizome Barrier Issues: We are all concerned about the containment of bamboo. Bamboo Giant's approach conforms to the best industry-standard known at the time of an installation. We have a high level of confidence in our system but bamboo is a tricky thing and a failure may occur at some point. Most failures we have seen are due to a lack of maintenance of the top edge of the barrier. Debris and litter accumulate and cover the top of the barrier and the bamboo jumps over. We have changed our material several times over the years and a material failure is possible. BGN will not be responsible for damages relating to any barrier failure at any point beyond the warranty period.

Lapse of Extended Warranty - If the warranty is allowed to lapse, BGN will allow the missing years to be purchased, at the current price per foot, to restore that warranty.

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