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Bamboo Privacy Hedge:
The Serenity of a Bamboo Screen.

Why bamboo for privacy?

Though there are many different options when it comes to creating privacy in your yard or living area, bamboo hedges are one of the most effective yet beautiful and exotic ways to keep your yard screened. Whether you are trying to block the unpleasant background of an urban high-rise or you are simply trying to maintain privacy between you and your neighbors, bamboo hedges or screens can meet a variety of needs and tastes. From shorter, bushier bamboo like Chino to towering, smoothed-caned bamboo like Vivax, the different varieties of bamboo will make solving your privacy issues a breeze, yet you won't have to sacrifice the aesthetic look of the garden. In fact, bamboo can be the highlight of any garden as older and younger generations can appreciate its exotic look and fun and charming applications. Each hedge takes about three years to grow to its full density and can give you a beautiful look for decades.

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The Many Purposes of a Bamboo Hedge/Screen

Depending on what you need, bamboo can work in a variety of circumstances, and be tailored to a specific aesthetic. Don't feel hesitant to mix and match to see what work best for you! 

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