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Bamboo Maintenance

Maintenance Services We Provide


Thin & Trim

This is our basic maintenance service. We cut out undesirable canes, i.e. small, dead, out of place, near the level of the soil. This helps keep the bamboo in place and promote manageable yet vibrant new growth. Includes fertilization. We also provide additional trimming services depending on what is preferable.


Barrier Installation

Barriers are vital to maintaining any bamboo garden, grove, hedge, or screen. Barriers help keep bamboo manageable, whether big or small, running or clumping, on a large or small property. Our polyethylene rhizome barrier is flexible and sturdy, perfect for containing a bamboo trench or smaller in-ground enclosure.

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Our overhaul/removal service involves complete removal of a bamboo grove, rhizome removal included. We are the best in the business at removing bamboo as we our staff has a lot of experience digging up rhizomes and finding escaped rhizomes. Although this service is not recommended as part of a typical service plan, we can meet a variety of bamboo removal needs. 

Bamboo Maintenance Plan Included With Hedge Special

Extend the Warranty of Your Hedge for $79 per Foot a Year! 

This exciting option is available for all installations and hedges and will ensure you rest easy with your bamboo investment. We check on your plants' overall health regularly, provide maintenance, and will replace plants or barrier if recommended!

  • 3-month extended warranty of plants and barrier

  • Thin and Trim maintenance provided at least once per year!

  • Evaluation of watering and plant health

  • Application of bamboo fertilizer

  • The number of Thin & Trims is based on hedge length.

  • **Some restrictions apply. Travel and disposal fees may not be included. Ask us if you qualify!

Let us handle the care and keeping of your bamboo. 
Contact us for details!
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