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Wholesale Bamboo
for Commercial &Contractors

Bamboo Giant offers both containerized and Ball-and-Burlapped standard product for commercial installations. Containerized plants offer little chance of shock and can be stored easily. With running-type bamboo, ball-and-burlap offers substantially bigger and more mature plants for the same cost. The larger plants also will typically spread with new larger shoots more rapidly than the immature container grown plants. It is best to install immediately and some plants may shock but generally recover quickly. Clumping varieties are generally much closer in size B-and-B or containerized as they naturally form tight root balls. Examples of standard products can be seen in the images below.

Contract Growing by Bamboo Giant

  • Bamboo Giant propagates any variety to order - no order too small or large.

  • We arrange deliveries nationwide.

  • With over 20 years of experience, we know how to do it right.

  • Call us for wholesale rates!

Standard 15 and 25 Gallon Sizes

 Our containerized plants fall at the short end of the height range. Ball-and-Burlap tends toward the upper end. We can deliver a random mix of sizes within the range or can select similar plants for a uniform look as specified. As always, running and clumping type bamboo have very different sizes, forms, and densities. Please use the plant specifications provided so we can always meet or exceed your expectations.

Bamboo Privacy Hedge
Bamboo Hedge
Project on Mission Street in San Francisco.
Loaded on a truck or trailer for transport.
We can ship anywhere!
Weaver Bamboo 25 gal size
Henon 15gal size
Oldhamii Bamboo 25 gallon size
Giant Black 15 gal size
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