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What's on Sale

Winter Bamboo Sale!

Veitchii Bamboo Hedge
Arrow Privacy Screen
Square Bamboo Hedge
Veitchii Bamboo Ground Cover

*Winter Bamboo Sale - 20% off*​

  • Arrow - a perfect screen
1 gallon: $44    5-gallon: $100    15-gallon: $228    25-gallon: $468

Instant Hindsii Hedges!

$499 Per Container!

Vivax on Sale!!!

Some of the big Vivax Bamboo in these pictures needs to be removed. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing these large timber bamboos for a discounted price!

Contact us at:

(831) 687-0100

Or email us at:

Vivax for sale 1.jpg

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Bamboo Hedge
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