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  • What are linear feet and how do I measure them?
    Linear feet represent the length of the fence line that you want to have the hedge planted along. Determine how long you want your privacy hedge to be and you have determined the linear feet.
  • How much will my hedge cost?
    Multiply the length (linear feet) by our current rate and you'll have the cost of the hedge, plus California sales tax. The hedge special is not available for wholesale discounts.
  • How wide should my hedge be?
    The optimum width for a privacy hedge is 3'. This width provides the plants with enough growing room to fill out in the shortest possible time with the largest possible shoots. The width can be varied from just 18" to 5' with no additional cost. Hedges can be narrower. Call for a quote.
  • What kind of soil do I need for my hedge to do well?
    Bamboo does best in a well drained soil or mulch. The most important thing is to keep the bamboo from being planted in standing water. If the hedge falls in a low area, either plan to build up the hedge in a berm or provide drainage. If your soil is poor, either clay or sand, we offer a great bamboo soil mix that can be added in during the installation. We recommend one bag of soil per linear foot of hedge.
  • What kind of care will my hedge need?
    Very little care will be required once your bamboo is established. However, in those first years you must water often - at least several times a week in the summer. We would also recommend that our Bamboo Giant fertilizer and supplement be applied at least 4 times a year. Gophers love bamboo and must be kept under control if you want to see your bamboo spread. Under our extended warranty, you can look forward to your hedge lasting your lifetime.
  • What species of bamboo can I have installed in my hedge?
    Any species that we currently have available - we are more than happy to help you with your selection. You can even mix and match species within your hedge if you like.
  • How many plants will my hedge have?
    Divide the length by 3. This figure tells you how many plants are included in the hedge. Fractions of a plant are rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • How many of what sized plants will I get in the hedge special?
    Divide the number of plants by 2. this figure will tell you how many 15 gallon plants and how many 25 gallon plants are included in the hedge-it's a 50/50 mix. We plant alternating sizes every 3' on the center for optimum growth. 15 gallon plants are between 4' and 10' tall and 25 gallon plants are between 8' and 30' tall, depending on species.
  • What if I want all 25 gallon plants in my hedge?
    Upgrade to the Premium Hedge Special above. Other adjustments can be made for special circumstances.
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