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Photographers & Influencers 

Our grounds are considered a #bayareahiddengem and we are gaining popularity as one of California's #instagrammableplaces!  We welcome influencers, Instagrammers, TikTokkers, bloggers, filmmakers, and photographers.  While we don't require you to tag us, we appreciate it when you do. And, oftentimes we will share your posts and give you a shout-out! 

In order to be able to keep our grounds open for all to enjoy, we have needed to enforce some guidelines.

Are you looking to have photos done at our location? 

  Contact the office to learn  how to book a photo session before your visit!

Professional Photographers and Commercial Film Makers

If you are a professional photographer or filmmaker, you probably know this means you and why but, if you are unsure, here is our definition

If you are bringing models, professional equipment, doing a photo session being paid to take photos, create content, or plan to be making any profit from your images captured at Bamboo Giant you fall into this category and we request that you: 

  • make a reservation

  • show proof of professional liability insurance
  • sign our liability release

  • pay $50 fee to contribute to care and keeping of the grounds. 

Influencers & Content Creators

Please check in at the office before. We ask that you respect the property by not leaving the paved paths and observing our operating hours and finishing before the grounds close at 4 PM.

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