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Looking for Koi and LadyBugs

A few days ago, I discovered our seemingly lone koi fish in our koi pond exhibit. Although we have had more koi in the past and thus the area has looked more vibrant and colorful, seeing this koi fish hiding underneath the marshy greenery was a supringsly wonderful sight to behold.

Additionally, while walking around the bamboo giant property, I have come across a multitude of ladybugs. Although these are not the most exotic creatures, their colorful shells contrasts wonderfully with the deep green colors of bamboo. Not only that, ladybugs are a natural way for us to mitigate our aphid population, keeping the bamboo looking healthy and prestine.

Although these animals make a small impact on the aesthetic of the property, it is a significant impact. We are hoping to acquire more of these in the near future, and if anyone is looking to donate koi fish (or ladybugs for that matter if you can figure out a way to do that), we would be so grateful to have them hear. Not only would their look accent the natural beauty of bamboo, but having additional ladybugs would mean we could keep the bamboo looking healthy, and having additional koi fish would mean that our one koi would not be alone anymore. It would be so exiciting to see a multitude of koi fish leaping at the bottom of our beautiful small waterfall exhibit or hearing the slight buzzing of a loveliness of ladybugs flying overhead. Perhaps, seeing these two animals flourish may inspire further investments in wildlife on the property - we've always dreamed of having elephants or pandas - but for now, we hope to create a good environment for the koi and the lady bugs.

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