The Nature of Bamboo

The Nature of Bamboo

Bamboo, exotic and beautiful, is a popular choice for those that want something special for their home or business. Bamboo is a large grass, quick growing compared to other plants. Each spring new culms (the noded stems) emerge from the ground taller and wider than the year before (up to the maximum for that particular species). The allotted space is quickly filled with a lush, dense hedge or grove. New shoots can grow as fast as a foot or more a day! Bamboo spreads by way of rhizomes underground, either in a lateral extending fashion (running bamboo) or in a circular pattern that widens a little bit every year (clumping bamboo). There are countless types of bamboo with a wide array of aesthetic properties, including color, form and size.

This book gives practical selection and planting instructions and would be a great help in planning a bamboo installation. and can be purchased here.

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