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Buddhas Belly  (Broad arching clumping bamboo with bold form. Not cold hardy)
Bambusa tuldoides Ventricosa

A suptropical genus which is fast-growing and very dense but not very cold hardy in northern California. This variety is know for a dwarfed condition which can occur in hot dry conditions in which the internodes are very short and swollen. In normal conditions, it is a very attractive ornamental bamboo with broadly arching culms. Good in a container and in a protected or indoor location.

Height Range: 20-40'
Typical Diameter: 2"
Exposure: Partial-Full sun
Minimum Temp: 15 deg F.

Buddhas Belly

1 Gallon
  • * 25 gallon sold by delivery or pick up only.

    **30" Feet & Taller (depending on Species) please inquire for pricing and exact height. 

    *** Ball & Burlap plants are field dug with root ball wrapped in burlap which can be planted with the bamboo. (4-5 day lead time for processing field dug ball & burlap plants. 

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