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Green Onion  (Large green leaves, straight tight-packed, swollen culm internodes, salt- tolerant)
Pseudosasa japonica 'Tsutsumiana'

Culms are straight and have extremely swollen internodes. The plant grows erect and moderately spreads. Leaves are large and attractive. Will grow in full sun but leaves look better in partial sun or shade. Is a favorite in containers or pots.

Height Range: 8-15'
Typical Diameter: .75"
Exposure: Partial Sun
Minimum Temp: 0 deg F.

Green Onion

1 Gallon
  • * 25 gallon sold by delivery or pick up only.

    **30" Feet & Taller (depending on Species) please inquire for pricing and exact height. 

    *** Ball & Burlap plants are field dug with root ball wrapped in burlap which can be planted with the bamboo. (4-5 day lead time for processing field dug ball & burlap plants. 

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