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This book clearly shows how to use bamboo in the landscape. Commercial and residential installations are featured with bamboo used as ground cover, privacy hedges and as architectural specimens. Fifty key bamboo are described and illustrated with eye-popping photos and first-hand installation experience.


"... the best book on bamboo growing I have ever read."  Stephen E. Popp, host of In the Garden, on KSQD.


Review in Bamboo, Magazine of the American Bamboo Society:

"This attractive book presents useful information on selecting bamboos for one's landscape. In addition to descriptions of 'favorite 50 bamboos,' advice is given on planting and maintaining the chosen plants. Useful information is given on types of soil, watering, fertilizing, installing barriers, and more. The book is indeed a practical guide to 'Landscaping with Bamboo'. The full-color pictures are outstanding, and well chosen to illustrate the plants both close up and then effectively in a landscape position. Each page has from one to four pictures... I recommend this book. It provides ideas even for established gardens, which can often be improved with a new approach."


Landscaping with Bamboo- A Practical Guide


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