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Robusta  (Fast growing clumper with a bold form and great coloring)
Fargesia robusta

This very vigorous clumping bamboo creates a colorful addition to any garden. It has performed well in containers, full shade and full sun. Its many shoots are good to eat, and it is one of the bamboos preferred by pandas.

Height Range: 10-20'
Typical Diameter: 1"
Exposure: Partial-Full sun
Minimum Temp: 0deg F.


1 Gallon
  • * 25 gallon sold by delivery or pick up only.

    **30" Feet & Taller (depending on Species) please inquire for pricing and exact height. 

    *** Ball & Burlap plants are field dug with root ball wrapped in burlap which can be planted with the bamboo. (4-5 day lead time for processing field dug ball & burlap plants. 

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