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Bamboo Gardens

Bamboo in Garden Landscaping

Bamboo adds an exotic touch to gardens around pools, hot tubs, and decks. With almost 50 varieties available, just the right color, shape and texture can be found for the perfect effect. Our skilled staff can help you get just the effect you want, without fear of bamboo taking over. Besides just decorative plantings, many customers choose to plant an entire grove creating an extremely unique showpiece. They walk our groves and mark out a section, to be transplanted complete to their yard.

Pots and Indoor Planting

From large office atriums to small house plants, bamboo is flexible in meeting the needs of interior design. Planting bamboo in pots or containers outside solves the problem of spreading, and gives great flexibility in reorganizing your yard for events. With our specially formulated bamboo soil and fertilizer, bamboo will remain alive and healthy in pots for years.

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