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Bamboo- Plant Some Privacy!

Bamboo makes excellent Privacy and Decorative Hedges

Bamboo is used as a privacy hedge solution the world over, and is skyrocketing in popularity in the U.S. The advantages of bamboo are obvious -- with mature plants installed (a process that can often be completed in a single day), a privacy screen is immediate, green year around and with proper care will only grow more effective with time. Each new generation of shoots will fill in the space available for them, making the privacy hedge ever more dense. It can become thick enough that not only will it provide a visual barrier, but to some degree an auditory, and physical one as well. Nothing else provides such a tall complete screen instantly. Most zoning restrictions limit fence heights to 5' or 6'. No such limitations apply to a bamboo hedge.

Planter Box Hedge

While an in-ground installation with rhizome barrier is the go-to for many seeking a privacy screen, we also recommend planter boxes. This can be an attractive solution for a safe above ground installation, whether one simply wants an extra layer of security with their bamboo, or their particular situation (paved/cement surface for instance) calls for it. A planter box also provides an immediate boost in height for hedges. We can build custom boxes for every situation.

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